Genealogy and History Books:

U. S. History




Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America

Fischer, David Hackett

Economy of British America 1607-1789, The

McCusker, John J.; Menard, Russell R.

Peopling of British North America, The

Bailyn, Bernard

Peripheries and Center

Greene, Jack P.

Real America in Romance Vol. I, The

Markham, Edwin

Scottish Settlers of America, The: The 17th and 18th Centuries

Millett, Stephen M.


America's Historic Trains

Pierce, J. Kingston with Tom Bodett

Bill Sublette, Mountain Man

Sunder, John E.

Far Western Frontier, The: 1830-1860

Billington, Ray Allen

Frontier Years, The

Brown, Mark H.; Felton, W.R.

History of the Westward Movement

Merk, Frederick

Life Wild and Perilous, A

Utley, Robert M.

Pioneers, The

Time Life Books

Seventy Years on the Frontier: Alexander Majors' Memoirs

Ingraham, Colonel Prentiss

Shaping of America Vol. II, The: Continental 1800-1867

Meinig, D.W.

Whoop-Up Country: Canadian and American West 1865-1885

Sharp, Paul F.

General U.S.

American History Reader Vol. I, An

Dept. Of History, Houston Community College

Bicentennial Almanac, The: 200 Years of America

Linton, Calvin D.

Enduring Vision, The

Boyer; Clark; Kett; Salisbury; Sitkoff; Woloch

People and a Nation Vol. I, A: to 1877


Reader's Companion to American History, The

Foner, Eric; Garraty, John A.


American Indian Treaties

Prucha, Francis Paul

Indian Blood, Vol. I

Pangburn, Richard

Long Bitter Trail, The: Andrew Jackson and the Indians

Wallace, Anthony F. C.

Tecumseh - A Life

Sugden, John

Miscellaneous Topics

Alcoholic Republic, The: An American Tradition

Rorabaugh, W.J.

American Reformers 1815-1860

Walters, Ronald G.

Cattle on a Thousand Hills, The: Southern California 1850-1880

Cleland, Robert Glass

Cowboy at Work, The

Ward, Fay E.

Cowboys: The Real Story of Cowboys and Cattlemen

Hassrick, Royal B.

Decline of American Gentility, The

Persons, Stow

Ellis Island: Gateway to America

Szucs, Loretto Dennis

Fabric of Society

Tozer, Jane; Levitt, Sarah

Feminization of American Culture

Douglass, Ann

Historic Trades Vol. I

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Inheritance in America from Colonial Times to the Present

Shammas, Salmon, Dahlin

Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, The

Paludan, Phillip Shaw

Steppin' OutпїЅ Transformation of America Culture 1890-1930

Erenberg, Lewis A.

Vast Amount of Trouble: A History of the Spring Creek Raid

Davis, John W.

Very Rich, The: A History of Wealth

Thorndyke, Joseph J. Jr.

Washington Walked Here

Somerville, Mollie

Women and the Law of Property in Early America

Salmon, Marylynn

Revolutionary War

American Revolution, The: How Revolutionary Was It?

Billias, George Athan

American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence

Maier, Pauline

Colonies to Nation 1763-1789

Greene, Jack P.

Creation of the American Republic 1776-1787, The

Wood, Gordon S.

From Resistance to Revolution

Maier, Pauline

Jeffersonian Legacies

Onuf, Peter S.

Origins of the American Revolution

Miller, John C.

Radicalism of the American Revolution, The

Wood, Gordon S.

Thomas Jefferson: A Life

Randall, Willard Sterne