Windows 98/XP Keyboard Shortcuts

for Internet Explorer

by Barbara Renick


ctrl + B

organize favorites/bookmarks

ctrl + D

bookmarks current Web page

ctrl + E

open search frame     (IE only)

ctrl + F

opens Find box to find on that Web page

ctrl + H

display history list

ctrl + I

open favorites frame     (IE only)

ctrl + I

displays info about current Web page(Netscape only)

ctrl + L

opens Open dialog box     (IE only)

ctrl + M

opens e-mail window     (Netscape only)

ctrl + N

to open in a new window     

ctrl + O

open address/location box      (Netscape only)

ctrl + P

to print current page or active frame

ctrl + R


ctrl + S

save as  (Netscape only)

ctrl + U

displays HTML code for Web page  (Netscape only)

ctrl + W

closes Web browser

alt + F

goes to the next match with the Find box

alt + <F4>

close current window

alt + <home>

goes to browser's home page (IE only)

alt + <left arrow>


alt + <right arrow>


alt + tab

switches between open windows


move from link to link on a Web page

shift + tab

moves from frame to frame on a Web page  (IE only)


moves from frame to frame on Web page (Netscape)

shift + ctrl + tab

move back from frame to frame on a Web page


stop loading


opens help screen


highlights contents of address box (IE only)


refresh/reload     (IE only)


activate menu bar


toggles full screen view     (IE only)

ctrl + esc

pops up Start Menu

ctrl + A

highlight/select all

ctrl + C


ctrl + X


ctrl + V


ctrl + ]

increase display font size     (Netscape only)

ctrl + [

decrease display font size     (Netscape only)

alt + tab

switch between open windows

double click title bar

shrink or expand that window


brings up Start menu

windows + D

toggles to minimize or restore all open windows

windows + E

opens Windows Explorer

windows + F

brings up Find: All Files box to search computer